3 ways to grow cacti in pots

There are several ways on how to grow cacti in pots.  These are the Buy Growing, Professional and DIY ways. The first is the easiest since all you need are simple pot and some soil to start growing your cacti. The second is a bit more difficult in the sense that it requires some hard work, research and good quality seeds. The third and most recommended way to grow your own cacti is the DIY method. This is one of the cheapest methods in the market nowadays and can be done with just a few materials and a little of your time. How To Grow Cacti in Pots Before you begin, you have to know your preferences, so you choose the best growing method that suits your preferences and the size of your garden. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed at the end of your journey.

The DIY method

If you want to start out with your own garden then you might as well go with the DIY or do-it-yourself method . You do not need any special skills in growing plants. You simply need to know how to plant them in the right manner so that they will grow healthily. Plus, you also need to follow the correct guidelines on how to grow cacti in pots. With the help of professional grower or an expert gardener, you will definitely be guided through the whole process.

Choosing the right pot for your cacti

The most important thing in choosing the right pot for your cacti is to make sure that it is big enough. It should be able to provide the adequate amount of space to the cactus as well as the amount of light that it needs. Cacti need adequate sunlight as well as space to grow. If the pot is too small for your plant then it would have less space to grow. But if the pot is too large and the plants get crowded, then it would be more difficult for them to grow.

Bonus: Sharp corners and drainage of the pots

You should also ensure that the pots are free from sharp corners. Cacti tend to dig in the corners so this is something that you will have to take note of when choosing the pots. You should also look into the drainage of the pots. It is very important that the soil of the pots drains well because if it does not then the roots of the cactus will likely to get stuck in between the soil. Aside from drainage, the soil should also drain naturally so that it won’t be too wet. When choosing the size of the pots that you will use, you will also have to take into consideration the actual dimensions of the stand or platform where you will place the cacti. Make sure that it is sturdy enough so that it can support the weight of the cactus when it grows. It also has to have a hole on one side so that the soil can drain out. With these things in mind, you will now be able to grow cacti in pots.

Preparing the soil

Once you are done reading through the information that was provided, the next step on how to grow cacti in pots is grow cacti in potsfor you to dig your very own pit or hole in your backyard. Once you are done with digging, then you can start preparing the soil. This is also where you will add your soil mix and other fertilizers so that your soil will be perfect for your cactus. Then you can start planting. How to grow cacti in pots has been made very easy for you. Now you do not need to do anything else except for putting your pots in the hole. Just make sure that you water your plants regularly because they are not that easy to do especially if it is your first time to grow them in pots. Cacti are really lovely plants that can help to beautify your home if it is planted in pots.
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