grow cacti from cuttings

Cacti From Cuttings

Do you want to learn to start growing cacti from cuttings? There are small cactus plants that you can buy from most garden center nurseries or home gardening stores. Typically, these cuttings are picked while still small and very tender. The main problem with these cuttings is that they have not had a chance to acclimatize to the outdoors yet. Once acclimated, they are much harder to grow.

Be aware of the temperature

The key to growing your cacti cuttings is to make sure that you keep them warm during the winter. Cuttings should be kept in a dark place, preferably out in the outdoors. Cuttings need to stay warm because they will not have the opportunity to get the nutrients that they need to grow. Over the longer term, if they do not get the right amount of sunlight, their roots will starve. These plants like cool weather so they do well in the summer. The best time for planting is spring. This is when plants are getting just a little more attention and are more likely to thrive. However, in the winter you can place your cuttings into the soil as early as January. This is also true of older plants that are trying to avoid frost.

Think of the soil (desert soil)

If you are a beginner to growing cacti in dry soil then you will need to prepare the soil first. The most ideal soil for cacti is desert soil. This soil has very high moisture content and the plants do well in it. It also holds in the moisture that these plants need to grow. They prefer well drained, sandy soil so make sure you add plenty of sand to your planter or hole. Cacti prefer limestone or dolomite rocks. Limestone is the better choice for a long run garden as the soil holds in water more easily. Dolomite rocks tend to be more porous so they hold in the water less and are usually acidic in nature.

Watering your cacti cuttings

After planting, you will want to water your cacti cuttings well. If the soil is extremely wet then watering is unnecessary. However, when the soil is drier, you will want to water the cactus very slowly and carefully. It is best to have the water spill out of the top of the potting mix rather than seeping in. It is important not to water the plant too much until it is completely grown. This is because if the roots are damaged by too much water, then new plants will not grow and the root system may not develop correctly. Once the plant has finished growing, then you can begin pruning the young plants. You can also pinch off the dead branches to help promote the production of more cacti.

Growing cacti from cuttings tip:

Although many people may want to try growing cacti from cuttings, it is often best to wait until the plant has established itself. If you are able to obtain a pot or container, then you should be fine.

Your choices of pots

There are several choices of pots for growing cacti cuttings. Some of them are the deep rounded type, some have slits at the bottom, and others have holes along their sides. One thing that you will need to keep in mind is how deep you want your pot in the ground. If it is going into a larger terrarium, then you will most likely want a larger pot so that you can accommodate all of your plants. When selecting a pot, make sure that it has drainage holes in it. If your pot sits on the ground directly, you may find that your plant will become rotted due to the coldness of the ground. Another thing that you should look for is a pot with a solid base. Most cacti do not like direct sunlight, but you may want to place the pot on a glass table that will allow them some sunlight. Make sure that it does not have any type of shade at the bottom because your new plant will not be able to acclimatize itself to the temperature.growing cacti from cuttings

Pruning your cacti

The final step in caring for your cactus plant is to prune the branches once they grow too large. If you do not want them to grow too much, then you should cut the branches off completely. The best time for cutting is around the time that you first notice the smell of flowers. This will ensure that the plant has room to grow properly and will avoid over crowding. Pruning your cacti will also help you control the number of stomata. Cacti that are crowded will usually have less spines. You should keep in mind that pruning can help control the number of pests that find a way to get into your plants. If you find that you are having problems controlling pests such as aphids, then you should prune the plants often to keep them from getting much water or sugar. The result will be fewer leaves for aphids to feed on which will prevent them from causing costly damage to your plants.
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